The Gourmet BBQ Sauce. Also for cooking, dipping and glazing.

Savoury Diana® Sauce is made only with the finest ingredients and a special blend of herbs and spices. It is slowly simmered one careful batch at a time without any artificial flavours added.

Discover the distinctive homemade taste of Diana® Sauce, available in 7 flavourful varieties:

With a bold zesty tang and just a touch of honey, it's the perfect partner for grilled pork chops, steaks or chicken. Try it as a dipping sauce for chicken strips or breaded shrimp.
A touch of golden honey is combined with the distinctive flavour of garlic in this classic Diana® Sauce favourite.
Made with pure Quebec Maple syrup, this deliciously sweet sauce is a perfect match for chicken, ham and pork.
Rich tomato puree and a harmonious blend of brown sugar and spices are slowly simmered to perfection to create this deliciously sweet and flavourful sauce.
This unique blend of tomato puree, brown sugar and garlic make for great tasting ribs and chicken every time. Ideal for marinating, cooking, glazing or barbecuing.
A dash of chili pepper and the perfect amount of spices creates a sauce with just the right bite. The medium hot taste is terrific on chicken wings!
Perfect for beef, chicken or pork, this western inspired sauce gives meat a delicious rich and smoky flavour!