For juicy, tender & flavourful meats. Just pour, soak and cook.

Diana® Marinades have been specially created with a precise balance of acids, oils and seasonings to truly penetrate your meat, tenderize it and add more flavour.

For best results, pour Diana® Marinade over pierced protein or vegetables – soak for 20 minutes, or longer for fuller flavour. For extra flavour, brush on additional marinade during cooking (do not reuse used marinade).

Diana® Marinades are now in a plastic bottle! The same great recipes in new light weight packaging.

Diana® Marinade Flavour Guide
  Beef Steak Chicken Pork Fish Lamb Vegetables
Caribbean Jerk    
Steak Spice        
Garlic & Herbs  
Spicy Southwest  
Whether you cook it on the grill or roast it in the oven, your meat will be juicier, more tender and more full of flavour when you start by marinating it in Diana® Marinades. Diana® Marinades are made with only the finest high quality ingredients.
Diana® Marinades are available in 5 versatile flavours:

A delectable blend of cinnamon and nutmeg with just the right amount of heat brings the taste of the Islands to your meat, fish and vegetables.
Pinches of oregano, thyme and rosemary, with just the right amount of garlic to enhance meats and vegetables.
A delicious blend of Chipotle and Cayenne peppers with southwest-style herbs and spices such as cumin and cilantro. Bring that taste of the Southwest to your grill today! Great on steak and chicken.
Tender and flavourful steaks start with this flavourful blend of garlic, cracked pepper, thyme, rosemary and unique spices.
A swirl of soy sauce, ginger and pepper adds a sweet oriental flavour to salmon, chicken and beef.